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A Spark of Self Love

Loving yourself just a little bit more can make you love the world a lot more.

Cheers to all the beautiful souls who should be celebrating the amazing person you are.

If for any one moment you doubt your worth, could this be the culprit?


A Bossy Inner Critic 

Unsupportive surroundings


A voice that shows up to spotlight your weakness and yet lose track of all the wonderful things you've achieved. 

The intimidating perspectives and influences of people who make you feel like you don't matter. 

The lack of energy in your life due to a busy world that takes away time from focusing on what truly makes up your happiness. 

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When someone asks me what’s self love to you? I’d start here.⁣

Loving yourself cannot be defined in any one way because it’s a feeling that shows up to everyone in very different ways. 


For me, I see it as a journey. Loving yourself is easy, but keeping it a constant is the hardest part. 


And experience has taught me the 4 A’s of Self Love which is definitely not a definition I want you to take on, rather a guide to evaluate your own self. 


Self love journeys begin with understanding what a fulfilled life looks like for you and carving a path towards this big goal. This framework is a pebble along your path to reflect on what is missing at the moment, if any. 


Remember, you know yourself better than anyone and I’m here to share the journey as your cheerleader!


How I can help.

As a self love coach, I cheerlead mamas and superwoman entrepreneurs to love themselves a little bit more while navigating through a busy life and trying to avoid burnout.

- Joisyline Jeyarajah, Certified Life Coach.


The magical world of motherhood comes with one compromise, time & energy left for the self. 


 With so much love to pour, our instincts are wired to nurture, protect and guide. 


Where we struggle is to pour back some love for ourselves. And love becomes a resource that shifts outwards rather than inwards.

Learn more on finding your way back to yourself in motherhood.


A successful career comes with endless checklists. 


It is a dream for people like you and me to build our dream careers even if it comes with some sacrifices, especially the essence of time.


Empowered to create an identity through our career, we tend to invest our time into burnout while craving for a balance.

Learn more on finding your balance through burnout.


Words that Matter.

Self Affirmations for intentional reflections. 

The only person that can change, control and carve out my life is me!


Beyond the daily noise from societal expectations, cultural obligations and worldly perspectives, my unique voice knows exactly what I need to create a life that I love.


If my true voice is camouflaged, life becomes a chase trying to be something else, someone else.

Let's reflect on this together. 
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