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No matter how big you get, my baby you will be.

Juggling parenting and the demands of life is hard work.

Sometimes, you need to pause what matters to you to prioritize the needs of those you love. And it can become exhausting to be stuck between ideal expectations and truly what you can give in motherhood.  Beyond the biggest challenge of finding time, when do you intentionally celebrate your existence along this journey?

Reconnect with your true self 

Give yourself the space to reflect on why you matter the most in your life and how your unique presence in the world can be the greatest spark to the people you love. 

Nourishing your soul as you would for your child.

It’s absolutely not easy taking up the mom status which is wrapped around responsibilities, societal expectations, cultural obligations and most importantly, one that doesn’t come with a navigation manual. 


Becoming a mama warrior is beyond a full time job, it takes up a big part of your life, no matter the stage of motherhood. In this, your needs become camouflaged in the needs of your child. 


And that’s okay.


But you can only give, nurture and love the most important part of your life, if you have all that for yourself. 

As sparked by Psychologist Joseph Fleming “You cannot pour out from an empty cup”.

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Experiencing childhood bullying and criticisms had eventually translated into how I saw myself. The inner critic was so strong that most of my achievements never mattered and my small losses became the spotlight. 


I never hated myself, but I never nurtured my needs. 


Becoming a mom, the biggest responsibility of my life, tuned up the inner critic. I was stuck between the world of  the  “mom I should be” and the “mom I could be”, all of which was noise from the outside world. 


The endless checklist of motherhood and plain old life responsibilities caught up to exhaustion where I was there for my son, but I wasn’t really there! I was too automated in my checklist, I forgot how it felt to be present.


I knew I needed to find my way back to myself to truly enjoy the beautiful life I have.


So I invested in three things: stillness, space and simplicity.

All of which nurtured the mindset of self love.

I don’t need to be the best mom, but I want to be the best I can be for my child.  And my journey back to myself is where my spark began.

I was my own bully.

Finding your way back to yourself.

You know you matter and you want to be the best version of yourself. But if you are here, reading through inspirational content on finding your way back to yourself, what’s holding you back?

Do you feel as if any of these are missing in your life?


Take a moment to reflect on how it would feel to regain any one of these parts in your life, which you absolutely have within yourself to achieve.

  • accepting everything you are

  • evaluating your self worth

  • discovering your spark

  • unlocking your authenticity, your true voice 

  • indulging in “me time” guilt-free

Spark a Soul Coaching

A  little spark is all you need to love the life you have and I’m here to remind you every step of the way.


This is what I promise in your coaching journey with me. 


I will cheerlead you to tune into your inner world that focuses on the person you want to be. You know yourself better than anyone and I want you to internalise this strength and  learn to filter out noises. And more than anything, I will be by your side to navigate your own  self reflected blockers and celebrate even the smallest wins. 



What I do differently.

encouraging a playfulness mindset 

If self love is the foundation of our growth as an individual, being a little playful with life is a layer that sparks the soul. 


As part of my coaching approach, I encourage you to reflect on a playful mindset that simply means to look at life a little less serious. Imagine tapping into your inner child that knew life in its most simplest form and the only goal was to do what you love. Being a mama, you’ve probably seen your child demonstrate this playful mindset where the only goal was to follow their instincts and silence the world’s perspective. Your child knew exactly how to tend to his or her true feelings.


Imagine having the chance to reciprocate learnings from your child where you started to see life in their perspective: playful.

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Indie Bollman

Prior to working with Joisyline, I had never been involved in coaching sessions before and was unclear as to how they could help with my self improvement. Right off the bat, Joisyline clearly outlined how she would be the "guide" on my journey of healing and self improvement and with each passing week, the questions she posed helped me dig deeper into understanding myself a whole lot better and some areas that were holding me back. I also saw that although Joisyline was asking the questions, I was doing all of the "work" by taking time to reflect on situations and come to conclusions on how I could move forward towards my goal. Joisyline always made me feel safe and supported on our journey together and I still have some work to do but with her as my guide, I know that we will reach the destination together!

Alanna Allan

Words from a Mama

How we can work together.

You deserve time for yourself  and a moment to take a breath that involves your world.

My goal is to give you that open space.

As much as I would love to kickstart this beautiful self love journey with you, I want to make sure that I am the right guide in your journey. 

The first step is to have your very own “Self Discovery Session” which is a complimentary coaching session to understand if our journey together is what you really want.

The One Hour Self Discovery Session helps you explore the following:

  • The roles of a coach, client and how a coaching journey works

  • Understanding You: What  matters most to you right now? 

  • Understanding Me: my journey, my spark and why I am here

  • Tending to any curiosity you have about coaching, finding your spark, navigating motherhood or simply why any of this matters!

  • Evaluating the journey ahead

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