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A superwoman doesn’t just have magic in her, she has the determination to create the life she deserves. 

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Finding a job in this busy world is not easy and putting all your energy into a career that matters the most is dedication. Where we hit crossroads is when we lose ourselves in the endless checklist of work chores! And in all this excitement, we tend to forget how it feels to have a balanced life. 


Truthfully, the intentional workload we take on spirals us into a world of burnout.

“Nearly 60% of leaders report they feel used up at the end of the workday, which is a strong indicator of burnout.” (Forbes, 2021)

My Burnout Journey as a Work Enthusiast

I love working, honestly! My first job was at 17, full time at a bank while studying full time. I made it work somehow with 5-6 hours of sleep amongst work & school. At that time burnout was just adrenaline for me as I kept moving. This attitude of “hard work” never stopped as I always found ways to pile up checklists even when there was no need.

Becoming a mom slightly changed (forced) me into finding a breath in refuelling my energy through some self care time. The reality of burnout hit me hard and made me realize the  beautiful option of finding balance. For many years I chased after success without truly understanding what I needed.

I  always had 2 choices:

working hard or working smart.


What would you choose?

Filtering through Noise

All of us including you and me spend most of our time at work, prioritizing work chores just after house chores. It’s definitely a wonderful feeling to spotlight your talent, uphold multiple challenging skills and hold an identity for yourself! But what’s the catch?

Unfortunately the best of this world comes with one simple demand, your energy.

Like a battery, our brain power is fuelled at 100% each morning and with every action we take, the energy drains away by the end of the day. And with work taking up half or more of the day, where do we balance energy with time for ourselves or things we love? Most importantly when our brain is wired to be productive, where can it schedule in time for “self care”. 

Let’s reflect on this together:

What would life look like for you if work was still a priority but you also have control over the time & energy spent on things you love?

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I want to cheerlead empowered professionals like me who dedicate so much of their time to building up their career to take a breath and refuel your energy. 

Burnout is not an option at times, but having a balance is and you have what it takes to create a life that holds everything you want (work, family, leisure and much more).

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In my individual coaching sessions, I empower female professionals to explore some of the following:

  • Finding balance in the reality of your life

  • Awareness of what burnout looks like

  • Thriving in your career while putting yourself first

  • Refuelling your energy through interval training

From Burnout to Balance Coaching



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